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XFIT technology by LYCRA® brand uses patented technologies for producing denim with stretch in the fabric length which, when combined with the traditional weft-stretch process, provides a fantastic 360-degree, “3D” fit. LYCRA® T400® fiber is woven into the fabric warp in a way that hides and protects it within the fabric, giving the fabric a flat, authentic denim look and feel. 

Fabrics with XFIT technology can withstand all finishing processes on a continuous range, and also can undergo such standard garment processes as sanding, enzyme treatment, stone washing and bleach.

Imagine jeans that move like you move, providing a comfortable, custom like fit. Jeans with patented XFIT technology by LYCRA® brand do just that that because they stretch in all directions, providing 360 degree comfort.  And because they’re made with LYCRA® T400® fiber, they can withstand severe bleaching treatments, allowing for a variety of denim aesthetics.
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