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Knitted Denim  
Knitted Denim

The fabrics combine the best of both worlds – the comfort and flexibility of a knit with the authentic aesthetics and performance of a 4XSTRETCH woven.

Knitted Denim is that the fabrics integrate a true denim look and feel with low growth and 4XSTRETCH multi-directional stretch. Additionally, the fabrics can be engineered for use in a range of different garment types, each serving different consumer needs.

Based on the basic item in Indigo, the Knitted Denim fabrics have been segmented into two different categories, each with unique washing appearances :
  • Sulphur Yarn Dyed Knitted Denim : Apply the environmentally friendly Sulphur Dye Stuff to present the Colorful and Brilliant look. Of course, using the PP (Potassium Permanganate) wash method can achieve the unique "Old" look.
  • Sulphur+Indigo Yarn Dyed Knitted Denim : Combined the Indigo and  the environmentally friendly Sulphur Dye Stuff to create the knitted pattern as well as stripe that widely used in knitted apparel. Apply the PP washing method is also suitable for these qualities and get the "Distorted" look.
More combination and idea will be created !

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