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The controvertible fiber name - Bamboo Rayon

Bamboo fabrics can only be chemically identified as rayon or viscose

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Item No.:AD-AD-BO1033
Item No.:AD-BO1007
Item No.:AD-BO1011-A
Item No.:AD-BO1011-B
Item No.:AD-BO1012-A
Item No.:AD-BO1012-B
Item No.:AD-BO1012-C
Item No.:AD-BO1013-A
Item No.:AD-BO1013-B
Item No.:AD-BO1014
Item No.:AD-BO1015
Item No.:AD-BO1016
Item No.:AD-BO1017
Item No.:AD-BO1018
Item No.:AD-BO1019
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