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LYCRA® T400® EcoMade


LYCRA® T400® technology delivers excellent performance and aesthetics in applications that require low to moderate stretch. It is based on LYCRA® T400® fiber, a multi-component yarn in which different polymers are joined together within each filament. When exposed to heat, each polymer shrinks to a different degree, producing a smooth helical crimp. Because the crimp is not mechanically induced, LYCRA® T400® fiber gives greater, more durable stretch and recovery, and a softer, smoother hand than textured yarns that are used for stretch.

The unique structure of LYCRA® T400® fiber also provides the added benefit of good moisture management to help wearers feel cool and dry.

LYCRA® T400® technology can be applied to just about any fabric that currently uses textured yarns. Applications include denims, jobwear, shirtings and other lightweight wovens, circular knits, and socks.

Introducing LYCRA® T400® fiber with EcoMade technology

Now you can choose LYCRA® T400® fiber with EcoMade technology. You get the same benefits of lasting comfort, shape, fit and performance, but with the addition of enhanced sustainability too.