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Performance Denim – Thermolite® Denim

Performance Denim – Thermolite® Denim


Thermolite® fabrics are leading the way – moving jeans from the traditional 100% cotton garment to one that helps keep the wearer warm, dry and comfortable during cold weather activities. Active consumers expect more from their denim apparel, and Thermolite® fabrics deliver.


Today’s lifestyle trends are expanding the boundaries for fabrics likes denim. Denim has made its way into outdoor apparel for global study, 26% of made respondents indicated they would be extremely interested in jeans that could help stay warm in the winter*. Rather than heavy, bulky jeans, consumers appreciate the lightweight warmth and comfort that jeans with Thermolite® fabric can provide.


We have developed several type of Thermoite® fabrics such as Yarn Dyed Flannel, Yarn Dyed Fabric as well as Indigo Denim. Please visit our product list in Thermolite®.